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12/16/2018 - B.B.B. First Fuel & Heating, Inc.

Please click here to see the information from the B.B.B.

07/15/2015 - Co-op Property Vandalized

As most members realize, when it comes to our progress we report the good as well as the bad. You may recall a while back the Galway Co-op purchased a property at 5698 Crooked St in Galway, New York. We purchased the lakeside property to rehab then use in part as a free retreat for children with Autism. We would be remiss if we didn't also mention that there are tax deductions that served as an added incentive in our decision making. Because of recent developments that involved the New York State Police, we now feel that it is important to share with our members the history of this property and the problems that are associated with it. In 2010 Francis and Anthony Kurchner owned the Crooked St. lake house. The Kurchners explained to us that even though they were in their mid-seventies they still wanted a second place by the water that they always dreamt of and saved for. A few years after their real estate closing on their camp they were begging us to buy the property they thought was going to be their dream getaway. The dreadful series of events that accrued during their ownership of the property and ultimately caused them to want out simply should not have been allowed to happen. According to the couple, they were endlessly harassed by the neighbors, Carol Hynes 5710 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY 12025, Employed by PKS Advisary Services Albany, NY; Bradley Bischoff 5710 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY 12025, Employed by Bischoff Remolding, 5710 Crooked St. Broadalbin, NY; John Disalvatore 5700 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY, Employed by Capital Land Motors Scotia, NY; Kyle Ruch 5692 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY, Employed by Morgan Stanley State St. Albany, NY, simply because they were looking for peace and quiet, and to be left alone to enjoy their place as they desired. As a result, on several occasions during their absence from their camp the ties on their pontoon boat were cut. In all cases they eventually found their boat but, certainly not without a lot of effort by the seventy-seven year old couple. Several windows were shattered by a pellet gun, and trash was thrown in their yard. And they were subjected to verbal abuse. The lake association did nothing to stop the abuse when the couple notified them of the problems, and the town did nothing to stop the abuse.

The Kurchners came to us and admitted that they could not take it any longer. They wanted out so badly they offered to hold a mortgage if we wanted the property. We accepted. Months later we learned that one of the Kurchners old neighbors, Dr. Jay Watsky called and left message for them several times indicating that he wanted to buy their old camp. It was widely known around that section of the lake that the Co-op bought the camp so the Kurchners perhaps looked at Dr. Jay Watsky’s calls as more harassment. The Kurchners didn't return his calls. But the calls persisted. They changed their phone number to an unlisted one in an effort to put an enad to the calls. Apparently that didn't deter Dr. Watsky because he showed up at their house several times. The Kurchners wouldn't even give him as much as an acknowledgment that he was at their door. He finally got the message.

Since our ownership the camp it has been broken into several times. There was really nothing of value inside that could be easily taken, but they did make off with a small boat. We installed security lights and were met with opposition from some of the same neighbors, Carol Hynes 5710 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY 12025, Employed by PKS Advisary Services Albany, NY; Bradley Bischoff 5710 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY 12025, Employed by Bischoff Remolding, 5710 Crooked St. Broadalbin, NY; John Disalvatore 5700 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY, Employed by Capital Land Motors Scotia, NY; Kyle Ruch 5692 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY, Employed by Morgan Stanley State St. Albany, NY that ran the Kurchners off the lake. The neighbors, Carol Hynes 5710 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY 12025, Employed by PKS Advisary Services Albany, NY; Bradley Bischoff 5710 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY 12025, Employed by Bischoff Remolding, 5710 Crooked St. Broadalbin, NY; John Disalvatore 5700 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY, Employed by Capital Land Motors Scotia, NY; Kyle Ruch 5692 Crooked St Broadalbin, NY, Employed by Morgan Stanley State St. Albany, NY claimed the lights were too bright. Under the circumstances we didn't think they were bright enough. They complained to the town. Without even coming to the property to inspect the lights the town issued us a violation. We found this as interesting as the fact that there was no lighting ordinance in place when the lights were installed, thus making the violation unfounded and unsubstantiated. In addition we’ve been told by several attorneys that legally the lights were grandfathered, in addition to the code being overly vague . But, this wasn’t going to stop this gang. John Bates, who many folks around the lake wouldn’t want to see anywhere near their homes went to his eye doctor and got a letter. And based on this letter the town now said the lights were a health and safety issue. Of course that’s not exactly what the doctor’s letter said but, it was close enough for a town that’s on a mission. Once again, the town never came out to inspect the lights. Meanwhile the gang was making comments about the lights to everyone that would listen. The comments were so outrageous you would think the lights could be seen from outer space. We finally got the code enforcement officer to inspect the lights and it appears the town realized that the lights were not what they were portrayed to be and the matter went away…. but, apparently someone’s anger and need for retribution didn’t. On July 15, 2015 we discovered that the lights had been vandalized. We called the State Police. The Trooper looked at the lights, looked around and quickly mentioned that one of the neighbors directly next door had a video camera in their window directed in the exact area where the lights are now dangling. The camera wasn’t more than thirty feet from the lights. The house belongs to Dr. Jay Watsky and Jacqueline Watsky. The Trooper spoke to the Watsky’s and they claimed the lights had been like that for weeks and thought we had directed them downward. And as far as retrieving some video footage that may identify the culprit or culprits, well, the Watsky’s been having problems with the camera so there wasn’t any video footage to be had.

We should end this story by saying we can’t prove that anyone of the neighbors mentioned in this posting had anything to do with destroying the lights but, it certainly seems that it’s a good possibility that one of them did. And we are not implying that the Kerchners accounting of the abuse they say they incurred is supported by our personal knowledge. But, what we do know is that all the neighbors we have mentioned manipulate the local government by showing up in packs at town meetings and writing letters to town officials containing false statements, unfounded accusations and innuendos, as well as pressuring neighbors around the lake to join their pack. We will certainly write more about this matter soon, as there is a lot more that needs to be disclosed. We will also explain the difficulty we’re having with the town regarding our offices and showroom on Fish House Rd. In the meantime we’d like to hear your comments but we’re asking that you do not post them on our Facebook page. We rather you email us at Thank you.

Update 07-04-2015

Dr. Jay Watsky was reprimanded and given a warning by New York State Department of Conservation Police. It appears that Dr. Watsky admitted shooting at the geese on Galway Lake.

04/29/2013 - J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Supply Company

As some members are aware, in the past we have sub-contracted propane tank installs to J&R Fuels and J&R Welding, located on Route 50 in Ballston Spa. It has come to our attention that a number of installs were not done correctly. More impotently, some members have informed us that some tank installations by J&R did not meet the New York State Department of Transportation's safety rules and regulations. Further, we have been advised by members that the equipment that appeared on some of J&R's tank installation estimates was never installed by J&R, despite them having been paid for it. In an effort to resolve these matters, we requested that J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company refund the money for the parts and associated labor time that they allegedly wrongfully collected, but, through a law firm representing J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company, they have denied any wrong doing. We asked that they forward us copies of their records relating to the tank installs so we could compare them with ours, but, they refused to forward them. As a result we have held back several of their invoices until there is a resolution.

We have been cautioned by the law firm representing J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company to not make disparaging remarks about their client. We advised the firm that we had a right to speak the truth and we would only advise our members of the circumstances as we know them and echo any remarks that were made by members. It appears that we are going to be litigating the matter. As things start to progress, we will keep you informed by posting all documents on our web site under the tab that reads "Pandora's Box."

I'm sure you all will be glad to know that the Co-op and Ferrellgas is now installing members tanks, and as in the past, we stand behind each install 100%.>

Does This Sound Familiar?

"The Propane Problem" by: Tisha Thompson

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First Fuel Customers..
We've been getting a lot of calls from FIRST FUEL customers in Columbia County and we have to ask you:

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November, 2018

First Fuel & Propane Reviews

Febuary, 2011

You may have seen advertisements for First Fuel & Propane on television. They claim you will save when you buy fuel from them. They say they want you to become part of the "First Fuel & Propane family." We have received many phone calls regarding First Fuel & Propane over the last few years and none of them were good. Recently a 69 year old customer of theirs, who is disabled and on a fixed income, sent me sent some documents that we would like to share with you. The first document is the contract. The second document is the customer's letter to us, outlining his problem with First Fuel & Propane. The third document is a letter from First Fuel & Propane to the customer advising him of consequences if he defaults on his contract. The fourth is an invoice reflecting a $471.08 annual usage charge, $4.99. per gallon rate and a $5.95 environmental fee.

Documents 1 & 2  -  Documents 3 & 4

This is a good example why the Galway LLC was formed. In our opinion, this is nothing less then corporate bullying. Signing that contract would be against the better judgment of most people. First Fuel & Propane contends that because they; set him up with leased tanks at no charge, did a pressure test at no charge, and gave him a first fill special, he now has to stay with them for the life of the contract, which is 5 years. So in other words, the $4.99 per gallon they are charging him now can go to, let's say $20.00 per gallon? The $471.08 annual usage fee can go to, let's say $1,000.00 per year? And the $5.95 per delivery fee can go to, let's say $10.00, and there will be no way out of the contract? Is this what we want from a fuel distributor?

Rip off Report:

May, 2010

We have received a number of calls from current First Fuel customers. It appears that some customers have been told by First Fuel representatives that the Co-op's pricing contains hidden fees, and that our pricing is not possible. The fact is there are no hidden fees, and the pricing you see on our website and advertised in the news paper is 100% correct. With respect to the statement that we cannot possibly sell propane for our advertised price, that is simply false. We have been selling propane to our 3000 plus members at the advertised price since the Co-op was founded three years ago. And we will continue to do so, simply because it's fair and it works.

Now, we have also been told by a number of First Fuel customers that they signed a five year contract with First Fuel and First Fuel won't let them out of their agreement. If that is the case, my suggestion is to not argue with them but, simply file a complaint with the New York State Attorney General's Office (link below). Let First Fuel explain to the AG's Office how they can force a customer to pay whatever price they set for a five year period without any way out.

G.A. Bove Customers..

Rip Report:

September 8, 2009

G.A. Bove was incorrect in their written statement to propane customers when they stated that the Galway Co-op does not offer a pre-buy. Galway Co-op has always offered a pre-buy. We don't push the pre-buy because time has proved it only benefits the Propane Distributors. Also, for those who don't understand the wholesale history of propane (, there is nothing volatile about it. The only volatile variable in the propane industry is the propane distributors' profit margin. But, for the sake of those who find comfort in a pre-buy, here is a simple comparison.

G.A. Bove pre-buy with customer owned tank = $1.599 per gallon. Good until 9/18/09 Co-op pre-buy with customer owned tank = $1.499 per gallon. Good until 9/20/09

G.A. Bove pre-buy with company owned tank = $1.899 per gallon. Good until 9/18/09 Co-op pre-buy with company owned tank = $1.799 per gallon. Good until 9/20/09

As with both companies there is a 400 gallon minimum.

Now you have the facts.
You be the judge.
Read contracts carefully.

See pg.2 of this document for their letter & more details.

Blue Flame Customers..
September 4, 2009

We are in receipt of your correspondce dated August 31, 2009. After reading it carefully, we fail to see how either of the laws you've sited in your correspondence apply to the information contained on the Co-op's website. In as much as the Co-op is not looking to engage in litigation with Blue Flame, what is posted on our web site is true and we don't see any reason to remove it and will defend our right to express our members' opinions. Our website is designed to inform not only our members, but also consumers who are assessing the various propane companies. The information contained on our site concerning Blue Flame came from former Blue Flame customers. The Co-op is simply echoing their sentiments. The alternative would be for us to post emails we've received from angry Blue Flame customers. Additionally, if anone is guilty of making false and misleading statements, it would be Blue Flame. Many ex-Blue Flame customers have told me that when speaking to representatives of Blue Flame about the Co-op, they were told that; the Co-op could run out of gas leaving the end user without fuel, the Co-op will go out of business, the Co-op will raise their prices, the Co-op does not offer emergency service and the Co-op has hidden fees, in addition to "you got to watch out for that Co-op." All of the statements are clearly not true and designed to mislead, deceive and scare the customer.

View the rest of our exchange with Blue Flame in this document.

Suburban Customers..

View these vidoes and articles concerning pricing & service with Suburban.
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