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8/31/2011 - Discount Fuel Oil Up North

You folks up north have been paying too much for too long! We have partnered with J&D Fuel Oil distributors to expand our fuel oil service area. In the past our fuel oil coverage stopped in Lake George, now it continues all the way up to Lake Placid and beyond-even into areas of Vermont. (See fuel oil service area)

Your cost is based on the spot price of fuel oil as it comes into the Irving Oil terminal in Rutland, Vermont, plus 30 cents for members on a 'scheduled delivery' or plus 40 cents for members on a 'will call' basis. J&D also offers 24 hour emergency deliveries and service. Visa, Master Card, checks and cash accepted. Give us a call, 882-5445 with any additional questions.

8/25/2011 - FYI

Many of us have started thinking about our heating needs for this winter. With the economy in its current state, we are all looking for ways to save. By referring a propane user to the co-op you can get up to a $75.00 credit on your propane account. We have some members that have all eliminated their propane bill because of the member of referrals they've submitted. It's a win-win, you get free propane and they get the savings.

8/25/2011 - New Members

Once again, new members are joining at a record pace. Our data shows that 83% of our new members came from word of mouth. We are incredibly pleased with the growth of our group and we have some great new products and services that will save you more money coming soon. Thank you for making us the largest residential fuel co-op in the United States.

8/12/2011 - Warrensburg Food Pantry

Warrensburg Food Pantry Letter

8/5/2011 - FYI

Our contract with Ferrellgas will end in April of 2013. The Co-op has been in negotiation with Ferrellgas and another national LP company to service our members from April 2013 forward. Our Representative from Ferrellgas and the other area manager have been very diligent in addressing the needs of our members. The relationships have allowed us both to grow. There are many variables that have to be considered at this time, including customer service, service areas, referral incentives, advertisement reimbursement, and of course, cost. Ferrellgas has assured us, that despite economy driven operating increases they've incurred over the first three years of our contract, there will be no price increases at the very least. They have said that other smaller groups they deal with will see price increases at the end of their terms. The competing LP company has not, as of yet, presented their contract, but has given assurances that their prices will be competitive. One concern the Co-op has is the customer service complaints that surround the competing company. Although customer service complaints from a national LP company are common, we have been assured that our group will be given the attention that a customer using 2,000,000 gallons of propane yearly deserves. Needless to say, the discussion is one that has to be considered carefully. We will have more information for you shortly.

7/25/2011 - Saratoga and North Creek Railway

If you like old trains and you like the north country, you're going to love the Saratoga & North Creek Railway! Starting July 23rd, you can purchase a ticket at the train station, located off West Avenue in Saratoga Springs. There are several stops the train makes on its trek from Saratoga to North Creek. Riding in a classic dome car, being pulled by a vintage locomotive through the Adirondacks, on your way to a quaint North Creek is a great way to spend you day.

7/25/2011 - Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Recently I read an article in the August 2011 addition of Consumer Reports regarding the Better Business Bureau. Without going through all the details, it seems the BBB can be bought off. According to Consumer Reports, ABC News aired cases in which businesses instantly turned their mediocre BBB ratings into top grades by paying hundreds of dollars for 'BBB accreditations.' Many examples of this are cited in this article. For years the BBB has been the source the consumers and businesses use to access a business' reputation. With this recent news one has to wonder where you go to make sure a business is worthy of your business. I think the answer is found by searching the internet and through friends, family and co-workers. It may take some time, but your research will reduce the chances of making a bad buying decision.

7/25/2011 - Columbia County

We hear you folks in Columbia County calling. We know you want great propane and fuel oil pricing, great service and customer appreciation. Hold on, it's coming. We will be bringing our great prices to the North country this season. When our work in done, our focus will be on Albany and Columbia counties. You're going to love the way we save you money.

7/25/2011 - We're Expanding North!

Starting October 2011, we will be adding Washington and Essex Counties to our service areas for both propane and premium #2 fuel oil. Ferrell Gas has recently started building a new plant in Warrensburg. That will allow us to reach more homes and businesses heating with propane. Homes and businesses heating with fuel oil will be happy to know we have partnered with J&D Fuel Oil to service our members in Warren, Washington and Essex Counties in NY and in Bennington VT. We project that this increase in territory will increase our membership by 30% in the first year. We are currently interviewing waste removal companies in Warren, Washington and Essex counties that will service coop members at a discount. If your waste removal company is interested ask them to give us a call. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Ben Neri
Managing Member

7/11/2011 - Propane Pre-buy Option Extended!

Pre-buy for purchase of 1000 or more gallons @ $2.699 per gallon. Please make your check payable to Ferrellgas, it must be received by 8/1/11 to qualify, send it to:
5859 Rt. 31
Verona, NY 13478

Summer 2011

It's finally here! Time to enjoy the sunny, warm nights and my favorite cookouts! One thing that always bothered me about cooking on the grill is how much the propane cost when I'd fill up those little tanks. So, I got smart and had the tech run a gas line from my grill to my main propane tank. Not only is my cost for propane a lot less now, I don't have to lug that little tank to the store to get it filled anymore. Hope you all enjoy the summer!

6/24/2011 - Fuel Pre-buy..

In a few months some of us will be turning our furnaces back on, while others will resist in an effort to save some money. But at some point we all have to bite the bullet and turn our thermostat up. When it comes to pre-buying fuel you have to keep in mind that no one can clearly predict what will happen over the winter. Pre-buying does give you the comfort of knowing that you are locked into a price and the assurance that it wont change. You buy a certain number of gallons paying for it in full, and then use it over the course of the winter.

The down side is, if the cost of fuel sells below what you have pre-purchased it for, you have lost money. Also, if you overbuy the amount of fuel you need for the cold weather months and don't use it all in 365 days, you lost the fuel. I have watched fuel prices carefully over the past 6 years. I can tell you that with the exception of one year, pre buying was not a money saver. I say this comparing the pre buy price to the Co-op's standard member pricing. So, if you're looking for price security and don't mind if you end up paying more for it, we have a propane pre-buy currently going on until July 1 to help accomodate everyone's choice. For more information read our 6/20/2011 post below.

6/20/2011 - Propane Pre-buy Option!

Pre-buy for purchase of 1000 or more gallons @ $2.699 per gallon. Please make your check payable to Ferrellgas, it must be received by 7/1/11 to qualify, send it to:
5859 Rt. 31
Verona, NY 13478

6/15/2011 - Discount #2 fuel oil in the North Country & Vermont

It looks like we will be expanding our coverage area going North for fuel oil deliveries. We've been interviewing an oil distributor that appears to fit well with the co-op's way of business. It will be a few weeks before we finish the interview process. We will keep you posted.

6/15/2011 - Website Help Wanted

We will soon have an opportunity for someone to help us with our web work & updates. If anyone is interested in taking over the position please contact us. The job comes with compensation, but you won't retire on it. smile

6/14/2011 - Are You A Writer?

We are looking for volunteers to submit news articles, personal short stories, investigative reports, current event stories, etc. If you have a story of interest please email it to us and we'll review it for posting. It's a great way to get your story out there or just show off your writing skills. We subscribe to great search engines to assure maximum exposure.

6/14/2011 - Oil Distributor Ad

Oil Distributor Ad

5/23/2011 - Six Flags Great Escape Discount!

Galway Co-op Yard SignSix Flags Great Escape opened this weekend. Don't forget as a Co-op member you get discounted pricing on your day passes! Co-op member price is $31 plus tax and fees. General Admission for non-members is $45.99. Click the Six Flags image to the left for general info & contact us via email for purchase information at


Galway Co-op Yard SignWe have over 300 members currently interested in Co-op lawn signs. Thank you to all who are interested. We anticipate upon delivery that the number of Coop members will largely increase from this type of advertisement. We are looking for any Coop members that are interested in delivering signs in their area. Any volunteers would be greatly appreciated and the Coop will reciprocate by waving your next year's membership fee. Please contact us if you are interested ASAP via email

Food Program
Very few members have responded to our food program idea mentioned in the newsletter sent earlier this year. We need to know if there is enough interest before we can further pursue this program. The basic premise is that members would place their orders on the Co-op's website once per month and piick-up locations would be available at various points in the Capital Region. Without commitment to the program, please tell us the food items & types in which you might be interested if the price were right? Write to us at


May 2011 is here already and first, we want to wish all the Mom's out there a very Happy Mother's Day! May is also the last month to send in your annual membership renewal form & fee, it must be received by JUNE 1st to avoid the late charge (view the Membership Dues page for the form). As always, thank you for your membership and we receive our discounted services because "We are all in it together!"

4/7/2011 - Mortensen Motorsports Racing

Galway Co-op proudly sponsors Mortensen Motorsports Racing Team for the upcoming 2011 racing season. Mark and crew, we wish you much luck this season.

Galway Co-op & Mortensen Racing            Galway Co-op & Mortensen Racing


For those members using fuel oil, I'm sure you noticed the cost per gallon has gone up considerably. On January 3rd the spot price at the Albany pipeline was $2.66 and today it's $2.90. That's a .24 cent increase in 31 days. It's always interesting to try and figure out why these fluctuations accrue. I have done a fair amount of research and feel we need to look no further than Wall Street.

Although there is not much we can do about the global wrangling of crude prices, we should take some comfort in knowing that Co-op members pay less than non Co-op members. Those of you that follow retail fuel oil prices have seen that our prices are consistently lower than the rest. Because of our success with in Schenectady, Saratoga, Montgomery, Fulton and Warren counties, we are now looking for fuel oil distributors to partner with in Albany and Rensselaer County. If you know of a distributor that you think we should consider, we would be glad to talk to them.


You may have seen advertisements for First Fuel & Propane on television. They claim you will save when you buy fuel from them. They say they want you to become part of the "First Fuel & Propane family." I have received many phone calls regarding First Fuel & Propane over the last few years and none of them were good. Recently a 69 year old customer of theirs, who is disabled and on a fixed income, sent me sent some documents that I'd like to share with you. The first document is the contract. The second document is the customer's letter to me outlining his problem with First Fuel & Propane. The third document is a letter from First Fuel & Propane to the customer advising him of consequences if he defaults on his contract. The fourth is an invoice reflecting a $471.08 annual usage charge, $4.99. per gallon rate and a $5.95 environmental fee.

Documents 1 & 2  -  Documents 3 & 4

This is a good example why the Galway Co-op was formed. In my opinion, this is nothing less then corporate bullying. Signing that contract would be against the better judgment of most people. First Fuel & Propane contends that because they; set him up with leased tanks at no charge, did a pressure test at no charge, and gave him a first fill special, he now has to stay with them for the life of the contract, which is 5 years. So in other words, the $4.99 per gallon they are charging him now can go to, let's say $20.00 per gallon? The $471.08 annual usage fee can go to, let's say $1,000.00 per year? And the $5.95 per delivery fee can go to, let's say $10.00, and there will be no way out of the contract? Is this what we want from a fuel distributor?


We set a few new records in the month of December. First, our membership had grown incredibly in December. Second, our propane sales went through the roof. We are looking great!!!



Sadly I have to report that one of our members has passed. Maryann Romeym, owner of Maryann's Restaurant in Broaldalbin was struck by a vehicle a few days ago and passed yesterday. I would talk with Maryann occasionally by phone or at the restaurant. I knew her as a generous woman who through hard work and time made her restaurant a hugh success out there in Broadalbin. I know she won the love and respect of an awful lot of people. She will be sadly missed by all that knew her.


As many Co-op members know, the Co-op had purchased a property at 5698 Crooked Street on Galway Lake. The plan was to develop the property in part as a retreat for children with autism. Because of recent developments we may or may not proceed in that direction. If any member has any thoughts or interest in the property please email me directly at

Thank you,
Ben Neri

12/29/2010 - Message to Co-op Members

I am sorry to report that ten years ago I was involved in a mortgage fraud scheme. In February of 2009 I was indicted by the Federal Government. Subsequently, I pled guilty and was sentenced on today's date to 27 months incarceration. There is absolutely no excuse for my actions back then and I make no excuses today. Inevitably, when reporting on my sentencing, some news reporters will also mention the Co-op. In as much as I think that would be inappropriate, I hope that you all are able to make the distinction between what happened ten years ago and what is happening today.

Since 2006 I have given my all to making sure this Co-op is the best that it can be. I am proud of the accomplishments we have made and the benefits it has provided the thousands of members who have stuck together and the various charities that have also benefited from our efforts.

On February 8, 2011 I will no longer play any significant role in the decision making for our group. I would suspect that our competitors will use this as a way to deceive the public into thinking the Co-op has lost its strength. Ben Neri has been the President of the Co-op for almost a year now and he is committed to continuing the good work we have started. Ferrellgas has assured me that the Co-op is their largest account in the Northeast and they have every intention of protecting it.

I hope that this will settle any questions that may arise from today's proceedings. I will be busy for the next few weeks but will try to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,


I have been informed that the Co-op is Ferrellgas's biggest customer in the Northeast. Considering that they are the second largest propane supplier in the US, I think that makes us notable. We may also be their biggest customer in the US. When they tell me, I'll tell you. Cool


As we approach the end of another year, I feel it is important to report on the progress we've made.

Gas and Electric
As some members may remember, I have previously talked about the deregulation of utilities and the possibility of the Galway Co-op becoming part of an existing Energy Service Company (ESCO). After discussing the idea with a number of ESCO's it became apparent that there was no real savings to be realized. For those who are either involved with an ESCO or are considering it, the best advice I can give you is, don't. I also investigated the possibility of becoming a government approved ESCO. Without going into the litany of it all, and after it was all said and done, I still could not see meaningful savings for residential members. I will continue doing the research, but it doesn't look hopeful.

Since last year we have taken on over 1,000 new members. We have lost about 200. Our membership now stands at close to 4,000. We have lost members for a few reasons; some have moved and are using natural gas. Unfortunately some have passed away. Some have been offered a better price from competing distributors. Out of the 200 or so members that left our group, close to 85 have asked to once again be part of the Co-op. Initially we accepted these reenrollments, but then a member made an interesting point; we simply cannot let members jump back and forth whenever the grass looks greener on the other side. The October, 25, 2010 posting on our website homepage sums it up:

Recently, the Galway Co-op has received several New Customer Set Up Forms from former Co-op members seeking to re-join our organization. We have decided to reject these applications and I would like to take this opportunity to explain that decision.

The Co-op was designed so that members could collectively show a high level of usage in order to obtain lower fuel prices. Its purpose was not, however, intended for members to use Co-op pricing to negotiate better individual pricing with an outside fuel distributor. When a member elects to leave the Co-op for the promise of better individual pricing, the member in effect takes away from the very tool that allows the Co-op to negotiate our pricing ñ usage, for their own self-interest. When a member takes the usage with which the Co-op bargains and then commits that usage to a non-Galway Co-op provider, it may help that former member but it fails to show respect for the Co-op and our efforts. It is the group effort that allows the Galway Co-op to maintain lower negotiated pricing. Individuals have every right to seek better pricing on their own; however they shall not do so at our group's expense.

Ben Neri, President

I personally, would like to think that all members understand how important it is to stick together. Each and every member represents gallons of fuel that the Co-op uses to negotiate pricing and terms for the entire group. There is no doubt that with the exception of our fuel suppliers, other fuel suppliers would like to see the Galway Co-op disappear and have gone to great lengths to try and make it happen. The bottom line is that I'll continue to fight only as long as you do.
Fuel Oil
We have recently established fuel oil contracts with Charlton Oil and J&R Fuels. The Co-op has interviewed both companies and we are very confident that Co-op members using fuel oil will find the grade of oil, pricing and service to be much higher than the industry standards. I have learned a little about fuel oil that I'd like to share with you. First, not all fuel oil is of the same quality. There are inferior fuel oils being sold by area distributors under the guise of premium grade. It's important to point out that in some cases customers are paying a slightly lower rate for the inferior and some are not. In both cases the customer is not aware that they are purchasing a sub-standard product. Also, the inferior fuel oil sometimes or always omits a strong odor. The strength of the odor could depend on the efficiency of your system and the purity of the fuel oil. Lastly, because of the lack of purity, your system will not generate the btu's that a higher grade fuel oil will. In the case of Charlton Oil and J&R Fuels, we have and will continue to verify the source of their fuel oil and can confidently say Co-op members will be buying the best.

Business Directory
We are putting together a Business Directory. The directory will be comprised of business that will give Co-op members discounts and extraordinary service. I strongly urge you to patronize these business for two reasons; you will be assured of getting Co-op endorsed products and services at honest, fair prices and the business owners will sincerely appreciate your business.

Finally, I would like to wish all members a great holiday season, and please remember the less fortunate during this time. And remember, we are all in it together, and together we have made a difference.

Warmest regards,



Let's face it, when you shop for a new or used car or need service, going to a car dealership can have some unexpected surprises. Knowing that you're going to be treated fairly can settle some of the fears. Foggs Automotive has an impeccable reputation for customer satisfaction in the Capital Region. Whether it be a new or used car purchase, service or body shop work, Co-op members can expect excellence on every level.

View their Co-op member discounts on our Partner page!


"Iowa AG announces propane pricing deal" -Bloomberg Businessweek


Recently, the Galway Co-op has received several New Customer Set Up Forms from former Co-op members seeking to re-join our organization. We have decided to reject these applications and I would like to take this opportunity to explain that decision.

The Co-op was designed so that members could collectively show a high level of usage in order to obtain lower fuel prices. Its purpose was not, however, intended for members to use Co-op pricing to negotiate better individual pricing with an outside fuel distributor. When a member elects to leave the Co-op for the promise of better individual pricing, the member in effect takes away from the very tool that allows the Co-op to negotiate our pricing ñ usage. When a member takes the usage with which the Co-op bargains and then commits that usage to a non-Galway Co-op provider, it may help that former member but it fails to show respect for the Co-op and our efforts. It is the group effort that allows the Galway Co-op to maintain lower negotiated pricing. Individuals have every right to seek better pricing on their own, however they shall not do so at our group's expense.

Ben Neri


"Fuel Co-op helps needy while saving money for customers" -Adirondack Journal


"Rural customers likely to see propane cost rise" -Daily Gazette


Wondering what fuel costs may look like this winter?


We have expanded our service area for premium #2 home heating oil & Kerosene. We now offer premium #2 home heating fuel in the following areas; Amsterdam, Bolton Landing, Corinth, Diamond Point, Fort Edward, Fort Ann, Gansvoort, Glens Falls, Greenwich, Halfmoon, Hudson Falls, Lake George, Mayfield, Mechanicville, Middlegrove, Northville..., Schenectady, Scotia, Saratoga Springs, Schaghticoke, Schuylerville, Stillwater, Warrensburg & Wilton (see 'Fuel Pricing' page for details).


Propane Education & Research Council SmartBrief


Warrensburg Food Pantry Letter


We now have a Facebook page! Already have a Facebook account? Then you can ëLike' our page from the link on the left side navigation bar of our website! Or, when in Facebook, search for Galway Co-op. By being a friend of our page you can learn right when we post new price changes or any other membership related updates as they happen.

Don't have a Facebook account? If interested you can create one for free & they're easy to do.


Propane Pre-Buy $2.00 per gallon, 1,000 gallons or more. Ends August 31, 2010.


Extension of the Ferrellgas Contract - Our contract with Ferrellgas ends in April of 2013. We have corresponded with Tim Sayers, Vice President of Ferrellgas and we have not come to terms on a new contract. Be advised there is always the possibly that we will be serviced by a new company at the end of the existing contract.

Ben Neri


We are currently experiencing a very high volume of New Customer Set-Up Forms and a slight processing delay.

Please be patient.
Thank you


Attention Co-op Members Our Supply Contract with Ferrellgas started in June of 2010 and runs until June of 2113. We have asked Tim Sayers, Vice President of Operations for Ferrellgas to extend our contract for an additional two years and to also lower the pricing to our members and potential members using 1-200 gal. per year. Knowing whether or not Ferrellgas is going to continue our contract will help us plan ahead. I will keep you informed.

Ben Neri


2010 Great Escape Discount Program - The best year long admission ticket price that you can use ANY DAY! Savings and flexibility are what the Good-Any-Day program is about. Members can purchase park tickets valid for an admission on any public operating day for only $25.00, a savings of up to $20.00 off of a one-day general use admission!

Good-Any-Day Co-op Discount for General Admission = $25.00
(Regular Gate Price = $44.99)

View our flyer and contact us for your login info to buy tickets online via this link:



Someone called up a few weeks back and said "Michael, what would happen to our group if something happened to you." I thought that was a fair question and deserving of a straight answer. Hmmm... let's say I was walking down the street and was hit by a very big, very fast moving propane truck owned by a competitor. Then the driver accidentally backed up and ran over me again. After the driver stopped doing cartwheels down the street, he calls his boss to tell him he got me this time, then he calls 911. I'm pronounced dead at the scene and immediately our competitors raise the price of their propane back to where it was in the pre Co-op days.

Upon word of my death, Ben Neri, President of would start handling all the things I currently do in the Co-op like; make sure our road signs are replaced after our competitors rip them down, write checks to very deserving charities, take telephone calls from competitors acting like they're potential Co-op members, call competitors while disguising my voice to see what new tricks they've invented, sell propane tanks, listen to people complain about all the bad things their old propane company did to them, place a lot of advertisements in many news papers, look for more oil distributors to partner with in areas we need coverage where people are being gouged, evaluate the possibility of reselling energy to our group through National Grid, work closely with Ferrellgas and Charlton Oil to develop better market penetration, and a whole lot more.

My days are very busy and sometimes long. Ben knows what this Co-op is all about and knows what's involved and where I want it to go. So the short answer to the question is, the heavy lifting is done and today the majority of our new members come from existing members. And what many thought couldn't be done, got done. It's only going to get bigger. It's only going to get better and every member in time will be able to look back and say I was one of the first members of the Galway Co-op.


Blue Flame May 2010 Ad

Why would BLUE FLAME think that a $2.53.9 fixed price is a good deal? Anyone who is looking for a real deal on fixed pricing should look for our pre-buy that comes out in June and will be posted here.


Donation will help with upgrades at St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam
By Jessica Harding
Gazette Reporter

AMSTERDAM A Galway family is donating money to St. Mary's Hospital through their fuel cooperative. Michael Casadei, founder of the Galway Co-op, a nonprofit company that purchases propane and other fuels for its 3,000 residential and commercial members, said he is donating $5,000 to the hospital in honor of his brother-in-law, Dr. Ronald Marsh. Marsh has been a general surgeon at St. Mary's for the last 19 years, Casadei said. The donation will go toward updating the hospital operating room's laparoscopic equipment, specifically toward the purchase of high-definition monitors. The $5,000 donation will be only a small part of the expected $200,000 upgrade cost. According to Marsh, the equipment has an autofocus capability and other ìbells and whistles.î Casadei said he decided to donate to the hospital after having conversations with Marsh and other hospital administrators and realizing that hospitals face financial problems like any institution, and are especially dependent on government dollars. ìTo the patient it appears that hospitals and doctors are making gobs of money and that really isn't the case,î he said. ìIt costs a lot of money to run a hospital.î

According to Marsh, the hospital has had a freeze on any capital expenses over a certain amount of money, which meant the operating room was not able to update its equipment in a timely manner. Casadei said he is also trying to organize a yearly balloon festival fundraiser for St. Mary's Hospital, and planning has already started. A Glens Falls-based balloon company that is a member of the fuel co-op would highlight the festival. ìI think it would be a great day for families and a good revenue source for the hospital,î he said. In the past, donations from the Galway Co-op have been made to breast cancer and autism causes and to local food pantries, but Casadei said the company is now looking to support local hospitals.


Our pre buy will be coming out in June. Last year our pre buy was $1.49. I'm sure it will be higher this year, but I'm confident it will be lower then the competition.


Ferrellgas is in the process of completing their transfer center in South Glens Falls. This will allow the Co-op to take on additional members within a 40 mile radius of their new South Glens Falls location. Folks up in the Chestertown, Brant Lake, Adirondack, Schroon Lake, Sabbath Day Point and Ticonderoga areas can all save by joining the Galway Co-op.


In their never ending quest to trap you, some propane companies are offering a ìFirst Year Special Deal.î The way it works is; you sign up with them, they give you a guaranteed low price for the first year. At the end of that year you are then priced at the ìMarket Rate.î The key word is ìMarket Rate.î What is that? I can't explain it, you have to call them (Suburban, Amerigas, etc..) But, if you ask me, it sounds like the ìMarket Rateî is whatever they want it to be. Here's how it works; first they dangle the carrot by giving you the teaser rate, then after a year they raise the price. When you fall of your seat and call them about the new rate, they say, "well since you called we can do a little better." Then you think, well their tanks are already here, they are going to drop the price a little and I'm tired of arguing with themÖ.. THEY GOT YA!

Things to ask when shopping for a distributor: Explain ìMarket Rateî? Is there any guarantee? Is there a set up fee? Is there a tank rental fee? Is there a minimum use fee? Are there any other fees that will show up on your bill outside of the fuel cost?

If you do some research you will find there is no better deal than ours. If you ask around you will find that some of the folks you know, are buying their fuel through the Co-op. We gain 1,000 members a year simply because we offer the best pricing and service. We are making a difference.

Membership Renewal - 3/13/2010

Please note, the Co-op membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st. Receiving your Renewal Form on-time will help us continue to offer you the discounts benefits of being a Co-op member!

Thank you!

Restaurant Quality Food Ordering - 3/12/2010

We are exploring the possibility of offering restaurant quality food to members. There would be a menu of items advertised on the Co-op's web site. Members would place their orders on the Co-op's web site once a month. Pick up locations would be available at various points in the Capital Region. Without commitment, select the items you may be interested if the price was right (click the icons below for details) and e-mail us.
  Bakery  Diary  Goodies  Meats

Don't be fooled again - 3/10/2010

Some area propane distributors have lowered their prices quite a bit. Some have even matched our prices. And some are still playing that same old game of "the first fill is this", "then the second fill is that", "then you go to market price", "then it's this again", and if you don't like this, they'll lower your price by a few cents and wait for you to call in a few months because they raised your price again. These distributors are simply using short term tactics to try and keep the customers they have from joining the Co-op and attempting to get the ones that joined the Co-op back. And then what will happen to their prices? Exactly...

Our Co-op is successful because the margin of profit we negotiated is fair and consistent and our way of doing business is transparent. Our membership has stuck together and now the distributors all want to be like us. But what they don't get is you not only have to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk - not just today, but also tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. The propane gravy train is coming to an end and you and I made a difference.

Thank you...

Co-op Leased to Own Tanks (Update) - 3/9/2010

We have discontinued the lease to own tank option. There simply was not enough interest to continue it. I would like to remind those folks that took advantage of this option when it was offered that they need to continue their monthly payments. For the few who have not made any payments, we will be picking up our tanks in the near future without warning.

Thank you.

Tell your Family, Friends, Neighbors & Co-workers! 2/15/2010

It sounds too good to be true. This is amazing. These prices are incredible. I love this Co-op. How do you do it? This will save me so much money. How come I didn't hear about the Co-op sooner?

These are just a few things I hear from folks like you that call us every day. The Co-op now has thousands of members, but that's nothing when you think about the hundreds of thousands of homes that are still paying much more per gallon for home heating oil and propane because they haven't heard about the Galway Co-op. The Co-op has a very shallow advertising budget so I'm asking you to spread the word. Word of mouth, along with modest signs on the side of the road, helped get the Co-op to where it is today and will take us to new levels of growth. Growth will benefit both new and existing Co-op members because it will allow us to offer new discount products and services and perhaps reduce our fuel cost even more. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, call your local newspaper and favorite news station. Tell them about the money you're saved and the good work we've done.

HFM Boces Letter

Now offering Heating Oil! 1/27/2010

We have partnered with the Charlton Oil Company to bring Co-op members discount pricing on fuel oil. The Co-op chose Charlton Oil because of their recognized name in the industry and for their superior customer service. Co-op members will be able to purchase fuel oil for as low as .30 cents over the posted wholesale price (example link). Not only will Co-op members be benefiting by saving on their fuel oil purchases, they will be getting the best service that the industry offers locally.

Happy Holidays! 12/17/09

Within 2 1/2 years over 2000 homes have joined our Co-op. With 6 to 12 applications coming in daily we are truly a success story that has baffled the propane industry. Despite our competitors negative comments and sometimes out right lies concerning our group, the wise consumer weighs the Co-op as the smart choice. Collectively we have shown that standing together as a group has proved to be the most logical and straightforward way of controlling our fuel costs.

As we continue into our 2nd year with Ferrellgas, please remember that Ferrellgas is one of the three largest propane companies in the United States. Unlike some of the small fuel companies that sell a mixed bag of fuel (propane, oil, kerosene, diesel), Ferrellgas focuses only on propane. Last year when the smaller companies could not get propane because of the shortage, Ferrellgas, through their strategic purchasing, was providing propane to these smaller companies that had no buying power in those market conditions. Simply put, not only do Co-op members have the benefit of an exclusive discount fuel program, they also have the security in knowing that they will never be left without fuel.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to remember the less fortunate this holiday season.

Happy New Year!

Attention: Propane Distributors and Home Heating Oil Distributors 9/25/09

The Galway Co-op is looking to expand. In two years we have become over 1,700 members strong. Propane distributors, home heating oil suppliers and trash haulers that wish to experience the same rapid growth should contact the Galway Co-op to discuss how we can grow together. Bid specifications for the following areas are available; greater areas of Utica, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. We supply the accounts, you supply the fuel. Click here for bid spec's.

Be careful guys. You never know who's talking to who. 9/10/09

Competition law, known in the United States as antitrust law, has three main elements:
  • prohibiting agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition between business entities. This includes in particular the repression of cartels.
  • banning abusive behavior by a firm dominating a market, or anti-competitive practices that tend to lead to such a dominant position. Practices controlled in this way may include predatory pricing, tying, price gouging, refusal to deal, and many others.
  • supervising the mergers and acquisitions of large corporations, including some joint ventures. Transactions that are considered to threaten the competitive process can be prohibited altogether, or approved subject to "remedies" such as an obligation to divest part of the merged business or to offer licenses or access to facilities to enable other businesses to continue competing.

Propane Pricing 9/9/09

Many propane users have contacted us recently confused about the different deals that are being offered by the various propane distributors in the capital region. Honestly, some of the deals even have me confused, because they're complicated, lack details and simply make no sense. There is no doubt that propane dealers have been forced to sharpen their pencils because of the Co-op's aggressive pricing. The Co-op has and will continue to offer consistent fair pricing that can be clearly viewed on our web site unlike a propane distributor. Propane distributors have dropped their prices in the hopes of retaining their customers and maybe establishing a few new ones. If you are a Galway Co-op member, you have the distinction of being part of the largest propane Co-op in the United States. Local propane companies are fearful of the Co-op because we are making a difference in a number of different ways that impact communities across the capital region. One thing is certain, there is no better overall value in the propane industry and there is no better guarantee that your propane cost is being watched every day by scrutinizing eyes. Remember, we're not here to make money, where here to save you money.

Help us keep propane cost down in the Capital Region by joining the Galway Co-op and telling your distributor it's to little to late, it's time to change.

We Caught a Thief 8/15/09

A few weeks ago we were informed by a co-op member that a service employee of a propane company was seen removing some of the Co-op's signs posted on RT. 9 P in Saratoga. We called the owner of the company and although he did not admit to the theft he did have two replacement signs made for us, and also sent a memo to all his employees advising them that removing our signs is a criminal offence and he will not tolerate it. Because of his assistance in this matter we will not post the the company name on this web site. It should also be mentioned that the New York State Police stood ready to investigate and prosecute. We wish to thank the member who took the time to call us. And if we can ever be of your assistance, you should not hesitate to call us.

Galway Co-Op

Important Message 7/28/09

Dear Co-op members. In order for us to continue our quest to lower our propane cost, stay independent and grow as a group, it is necessary to address the issue of leased tanks. Many of us can not afford to purchase a tank, so a leased tank has been the only alternative. The downside to leasing a tank is that you pay 30 cents more for each gallon of propane you buy. Most importantly with a company owned tank if the need arises to change venders you cannot easily transition to another propane supplier. As a group we need to stay independent so that our group is protected.

Because the Co-op is in the second year of a five year contract with Ferrellgas and because of the uncertainty of a continuation of that contract at the end of its term, it is necessary to prepare. I strongly advise every member who is just now joining our group to seriously assess your ability to purchase a tank. If you are a current member who is leasing a tank from Ferrellgas you may want to ask if you can purchase it. Tanks that are owned by our members assure us that we will never be in a position where a propane company uses company owed tanks to their advantage.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this matter or wish to arrange a tank purchase, please call us at 882-5445 or email us at

Very truly yours,

The Galway Fuel Co-Op Team

We're Making a Difference 7/17/09

I am pleased to report that many of the propane companies that service the Capital Region have reduced their propane prices somewhat. It is my understanding through speaking with the competition, these new pricing policies are a direct result of the Galway Co-op's effect on their market share. Although they have not been able to match our prices, they have lowered their prices to a level that has stopped a lot of their customers from switching at this time. Now, if they can guarantee that their prices will stay and improve their customer service and provide a reasonable explanation why they didn't do this years ago, maybe they will improve their customer confidence level. In any case, I think we're making a difference.

Congratulations! 6/18/09

Because of our dedicated members, we have delivered over one million (1,000,000) gallons of discount propane in the past 365 days. We are on track to deliver over 2 million (2,000,000) gallons this coming year. Congratulations!

Wood Pellets 4/15/09

We are putting our members wood pellet usage out to bid. We will be sending the bid to several companies that deal in premium hard wood pellets. If you would like to participate, please email me at with your name, address, phone number and number tons you typically use a year as well as your cost per ton. There is no obligation on your part to buy.

Can You Help 2/7/09

The Co-op is looking for a spot to host a 2 week summer camp for children with autism. Large open space with a lake, creek etc. is desirable. A farm with livestock is also desirable. Please call 882-5445.

Thank you,

Save Money on Your Trash Collection 2/4/09

We have negotiated a reduced trash collection fee with the folks at County Waste. If you are a paid member of the simply call (877-7007) or email ( County Waste and let them know you want to take advantage of this generous discount. Click here to view pricing.

Hunger in the Capital Region 2/4/09

Hunger sometimes isn't easy to see, so it's hard to believe it exists in our own communities. Today even working families are increasingly finding themselves among the ranks of the hungry. And far too many seniors lead a fragile existence, regularly facing difficult tradeoffs when dealing with the essentials of living. To some the discussion to either pay for food, rent, utilities or healthcare becomes a difficult choice when there simply is not enough money to cover them all. State and federal budget cuts have decreased the amount of food the regional food banks can issue. is dedicated to help the fight against hunger in the Capital Region of New York. I ask every Co-op member to consider ways that you can help the less fortunate in your community. A small donation to your local food pantry can make a big difference. (Food Pantries in your area). Click here for information about the Galway Food Pantry.

Thank you,

Membership Dues

To be come a Co-Op member, or remain in good standing, it is necessary to pay the $35 membership fee made out to: Galway (send to: P.O. Box 600, Galway, NY 12074). Our yearly membership timeframe runs from June 1st to May 31st. You can join the Co-Op at any time. Effective January 1, 2009, the membership fee is waived for Co-Op members age 65 years or older (proof of age required).

Click here to print and send your payment form.

Update 1/07/09

After communicating with Direct Energy for several months and performing my due diligence concerning their company and several other companies offering a similar service, I am convinced that there is little or no savings to be had. There is no actuarial data that exist to support their claims of a reduced energy cost to the end user. It appears that they are the only ones that benefit.

Update 11/04/08

Dear Saratoga Propane, aka Tri County Propane, aka Snyder's Propane, aka Heritage Propane:

Please send us the money you have owed us for six months now, so that we may donate it to the Food Pantry. It's the holiday season and I'm sure they need it more then you folks do. Thank you for any effort you may make to set this right.

Attention: Suburban Propane Customers

If the tank you are using is buried and owned by Suburban Propane and you want to become a Galway Co-op member, they will not allow us to swap them a tank for the buried one. Although this is a customary procedure among propane companies, Suburban has elected not to extend this courtesy. It is our understanding that some Suburban customers have asked and been allowed to purchase tanks, while others have not. Also, there has been some talk about a Class action against Suburban. If you would like to join the group that is considering litigation you may email us your name and contact information and we will forward it to the appropriate people.

OUR NEW SUPPLIER! - June 28, 2008

Lower propane prices! has contracted with Ferrellgas to service our members. Because of differences and a price increase imposed by our current supplier Heritage Propane (Tri-County Bottled Gas, Saratoga Propane, Snyder's Propane) we elected to negotiate with other propane companies (read their letter to us and our response back for more info). It was worth the time and effort. Ferrellgas has put together a 5 year package that proves their commitment to our long term plan. In addition to lower pricing Ferrellgas has also agreed to allow to market propane up to 60 miles outside of the heart of Galway. Our last supplier limited us to 15 miles. What does this mean to our members? Better propane pricing and more discount services and products to come.

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